Research and Development (R&D)
Green Tech, an Afghan science based company inside the country is well known as one of the reliable references in Environmental activities. As a leading and pioneer company, Green Tech intends to present some related Articles and case studies of his employees performed in Afghanistan. Green Tech tries to take initial steps to promote knowledge and during its mission, Green Tech welcomes any relate, accredit and science Article in the field of environmental.

No. Titel Download Link
1 Chemical Analysis of Ground Waters inTabriz Area, Northwestern Iran Download
2 Hexavalent Chromium Removal by TiO2 Nanoparticles from Contaminations Waters (UVTiO2 Processes) Download
3 Process of Developing Urban Wastewater Policy for Afghanistan xCatering to Decentralized Wastewater Management Needs Download
4 Preozonation and Prechlorination Effects on TOC Removal byNanofiltration in Water Treatment Download
5 The Influence of Divalent Ions on Rejection of Carbamazepine in The Presence of Humic Acid by Nanofiltraion Download
6 WTP Shirkhan Border, Case Study Download

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