Green Tech has developed a strong local and regional base in design, fabrication, installation, and construction of wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP). Our engineers have wealth of experience in the field of designing projects for organizations such as US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), USAID, Government of Afghanistan, DynCorp Inc., AMEC and Technologistis Inc.


We Design and fabricate:

  • System upgrades
  • Lagoon treatment systems (Advanced & Conventional)
  • Activated sludge models
  • Tertiary systems



  • Installation of new wastewater treatment systems
  • Maintenance and refurbishment of existing wastewater treatment systems
  • Development and implementation of long-term maintenance programs
  • Start-up, on-site commissioning, and training of wastewater treatment systems
  • Provision of equipment for wastewater treatment systems with superior quality products
  • Research and Development


Green Tech is also the official distributor of Aeromix’s products in Afghanistan. Aeromix System Inc., a subsidiary of the RWL Group _ USA, is an American company based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Aeromix has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing water and wastewater treatment equipment since 1987. Since 2012, Green Tech has initiated the fabrication, installation, assembling, start-up service, and troubleshooting of WWTP steel packages under Aeromix license with their direct supervision in Afghanistan.

Green Tech’s attitude to design and fabrication is driven by a “quality first” approach. in order to maintain Aeromix quality standards at all stage of fabrication, a quality control representative from Aermix is sent to Afghanistan periodically to inspect, accept, and certify Green Tech’s fabrication in Kabul.

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