Green Tech Construction & Engineering Company is the leading afghan environmental firm with a focus on innovative solutions. Green Tech’s mission is to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction by developing the culture of close cooperation among our team members so that by integrating their capabilities, Green Tech can act as a whole and compete with the best names in the field of consultancy & engineering in Afghanistan.

We owe our success to our clients who expect, demand, and appreciate the high quality results that Green Tech delivers. We are grateful for the trust and confidence that our clients have shown us and are committed to continuing to earn that trust.  We also make this same commitment to potential clients who are considering using our services for the first time.

We wish all our clients success in their endeavors and thank them for the opportunity to assist them in achieving that success.

So far, it has been an exciting journey and we look forward to the next chapters.

-Sayed A. Mosavi, President

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