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  • Prime Contracor: GreenTech
  • Start Date: April 19, 2018
  • Completion Date: On-going
  • Service: Design and Construction
  • Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan
  • Reference: Available on request

Services Provided

The objective is for the design and construction services for the Afghan National Army (ANA) Kandahar Air Wing (KAW) Water Well System and Waste Water System Upgrade, Kandahar, Afghanistan. The project consists of the water system upgrade to accommodate 3,500 personnel. These upgrades includes drilling of new well(s) into uncontaminated aquifer; piping the new well’s water into thecurrent/existing distribution systems and treating the pipes to remove the contaminants currently in the system; establish storage tanks that hold 3 days storage; construction of new well house and booster pump house with booster pump system; establish fencing around pump house; and demolition of old wells.