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Project NameAssistance of Environmental and Social Study for Feasibility Study on Urgent Water Resources Development and Supply for Kabul Metropolitan Area
Prime ContractorCTI Engineering International Co., Ltd


Under this contract, Green Tech Co. worked as preparatory wing of CTI Engineering International Co. to develop below reports;

  • 1)      EIA for Panjshir Fan Aquifer Development
  • 2)      IEE for Salang Dam Development and
  • 3)      IEE for construction of water conveyance line from Gulbahar Dam and Salang Dam to Kabul metropolitan area.

More specifically, Green Tech implemented the following works to assist with above mentioned Environmental Reports:

  • To collect and summarize the existing information of environmental and social conditions related to the three Environmental Study Components
  • To conduct interview survey at the project site of Salang Dam
  • To facilitate local stake holder meetings for Panjshir Fan Development and Salang Dam