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  • Client: USACE
  • Prime Contractor: Biltek Afghan
  • Start Date: December 20, 2017
  • Completion Date: On-going
  • Service Provided:: Survey, Design & Site Adopt
  • Reference: Available based on requirment

Services Provided

The project consists of the construction of Design Build facilities, perimeter walls, sniper screen fencing, vehicle gates, and asphalt pavement. The project also includes the design and construction of a water supply system, sanitary sewer system, electrical system, and power plant generator additions. The project is located in the existing Camp Commando, Kabul Province, Afghanistan.

Green Tech contact survey, Engineering design of this project. there are different level of design, starting from 10 percent which will include  site plans (existing and proposed). Next stages of design are 65%, 95%, 100% and as-built drawings. The start date is December 20, 2017.