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Recently Completed Projects

Project NameServicesProvided ServicesLocationPrime Contractor/Client
ACGDesign / Supply / BuildWASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT (WWTP)KabulGreenTech / ACG
Pole-CharkhiDesign / SupplyDesign of WWTP
Commissioning Plan
Start-up Plan
KabulBiltek/US Embassy

SUB: Green Tech Co.
CANARAILfeasibility study for development of
railway project
Feasibility Study, Procurement and Institutional
Development Support for Northern Afghanistan Railway Development Study”
Mazar-e-SharifMinistry of Public Works
Design of SOF Mobile Strike Fore CompanySurvey/ Geotechnical Investigation / DesignSite survey
Geotechnical investigation
Water Assessment

SUB: Green Tech Co.
WWTP - Lagoon System for Regional Training Center (RPTC)Design / BuildWWTP- Lagoon SystemHeratYuksel Insat Intl. / USACE

SUB: Green Tech Co.
Water Quality Testing for USACELaboratory ServicesWater Quality Testing
Downhole Dual Camera Imaging
Pump Removal
throughout AfghanistanGreen Tech Co. / USACE
Uniform Police Traffic HeadquarterSurvey/ Geotechnical Investigation / DesignSite survey
Geotechnical investigation
Water Assessment

SUB: Green Tech Co.
Environmental Studies of Amu Darya Oil BasinConsultingPreparation of below reports
5 BEAs reports
3 EIAs reports
Northern Afghanistan Green Tech Co. / CNPCIW
Provision of Lab Services at KAIALaboratory ServicesWater Quality Testing
Wastewater Quality Testing
KabulGreen Tech Co. / Kellogg Brown & Root Limited
Ghazanfar Oil Refinery Environmental Study Environmental Study In packed Assessment Mazar-e-Sharif HairatanGhazanfar Group
Air Emission Test Air Quality Assessment Air emission test for diesel generator in Kandahar BreshnakotKandaharUSAID / Black & Veach
Dorjeoil Oil RefineryEnvironmental Study Baseline environmental assessment and environmental in packed assessment Mazar-e-SharifDorjeoil