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  • bgmp_address: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • bgmp_latitude: 34.528455
  • bgmp_longitude: 69.1717029
  • bgmp_zIndex: 0

Services Provided

  • Water Testing Services for European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan
  • Fabrication of Steel Secondary Treatment System for New Kabul Compound
  • Darulaman Garrison Utility Upgrade
  • Kabul Police Academy (KPA)
  • Assistance of Environmental and Social Study for Feasibility Study on Urgent Water Resources Development and Supply for Kabul Metropolitan Area
  • (EIA) studies of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Kabul Police Academy (KPA)
  • Bagram AB Landfill Preliminary Plan.
  • Environmental Studies of Khak-e-Jabar Mining Project
  • SOF Mobile Strike For Company