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Manufacturing , Supply, Installation & Commissioning of GREYWATER & BLACK…

Project is included two separated system, a grey-water and a black water system each by 10,000 GPD. GreenTech will be responsible for all design, installation, Start-up and commissioning of both system. project time line will be One year.

Air Emission Tests for Diesel Generators at BK

Kandahar Power Plant Air Emission Test

Providing all adequate and competent labor and supervision , all technical and professional and other services , all material , equipment, tools, supplies and transportation , and to perform all operations necessary and required for complete performance of the work … Continue Reading

Environmental Lab services for FMIC (French Medical Institute for Children)

Green Tech has been awarded long term contract with FMIC to do water test, wastewater test and air quality monitoring in FMIC area.This is one year contract award base for 2016 and next one year option to 2017.

Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Procurement and Institutional Development Support …


Green Tech awarded phase 3 of BEA, EIA and Environmental Lab services of railway development in Afghanistan as sub consultant with Canarail Co. Canada. Sampling of study area, site survey ,data collection and QUESTIONNAIRE FOR ANTICIPATED CHANGES AND EIA is … Continue Reading

Design and A/E service for WWTF Pol Charkhi Prison – Kabul , Afghanistan

Pol Charkhi WWTF

The US Department of State through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) provides funding and project management for the construction and renovation of corrections facilities in support of the Afghan General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Centers … Continue Reading

Environmental Laboratory Training Service

Gibson Training Center WWTP Rehabilitation

Project Description: Green Tech scope in this project is : Design, consulting and assessment for 2x 300 m3/day WWTP steel package above ground, active sludge attached growth fixed media system, pre treatment, outfall system, irrigation system, disinfection system and project … Continue Reading

Consultancy Service For Social and Environmental Assessment

Feasibility Study for Development of Railway Project

Dragon Oil, Afghan – Tajik Oil Field EIA & BEA Study

Baseline Environmental Studies, Reviewing Legal Documents, impact assessment, Mitigation & Remediation Plan, EMP & Monitoring Plan.